Mendes Bros Seminar


Sunset Beach Jiu Jitsu, November 29th 11am-1pm

You are invited, to a highly anticipated Jiu Jitsu seminar conducted by Rafael and Guilherme Mendes at Sunset Beach Jiu Jitsu on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. Your admittance will be granted with presentation of confirmation and a form of identification corresponding to the name as shown on the ticket. Please present prior to start of seminar at 11am on Sunday, November 29th. The seminar will be gi ONLY. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you at the event. 



Drink with a purpose --->

Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula

The Purps Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula is harvested from this earth, non-GMO and formulated with a purpose using six purple superfruits from around the world. The blend of whole organic mangosteen, maqui berry, açaí berry, blueberry, grape and blackberry is a rich source of phytonutrients. Taste it and see why we are hyped on purple with a purpose.

Insoluble Fraction

Insoluble [in-sol-yuh-buh l] adjective 1. incapable of being dissolved
Fraction [frak-shuh n] noun a part as distinct from the whole of anything; portion or section

The insoluble fraction is part of the Purps Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula from this earth. The Purps superfruits contain the insoluble phytonutrient-packed skin or rind. Since the skin or rind can’t dissolve in water, the insoluble fraction spends most of its time hanging-out at the bottom of the bottle or can. Before you open up your Purps, always shake well and don’t leave any of the good stuff behind.